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I Am Lazy So Read This:

Yep. Title says it all. I’m doing a fiction-writing binge and I have no brainpower or motivation to spare for blogging, so here, have the first, oh, page or so of a Beauty And The Beast/Hades And Persephone/East Of The … Continue reading

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Adventures In Editing: Part One.

I really didn’t mean to start editing Aconite so soon. I thought, hey, I’ll take a week long break and maybe start then. But no, my story called. I just finished editing the first, oh, page or so, so I … Continue reading

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Things I Have Actually Written During NaNo.

So I’ve been writing, and have written, a lot of really hysterical and weird things during NaNoWriMo. (If you don’t know what NaNo is, google it and come back because I don’t have time to recap.) Like, for example, my … Continue reading

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Discworld and Terry Pratchett.

My absolute, all-time favourite author is Terry Pratchett. Not that I’d want to read him all the time, of course, because it’s hard to imagine dashing princes and majestic dragons wandering around Discworld, unless, of course, they were wandering around … Continue reading

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Writing Trends

I’ve noticed a few trends in my writing, types of characters that pop up over and over again in various stories, plots that I find interesting, etc. There are characters like “the cold, dark, dangerous, beautiful girl with a grey … Continue reading

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Witch’s Ground.

I recently finished the second draft of my short story¬†“Witch’s Ground.” It’s an almost 5,000 word story about a farmer girl becoming a witch and saving her village with magic and trickery. (That’s my one-sentence summary, I’m good at those, … Continue reading

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