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Supposedly Romantic.

There are all these tropes and lines in songs that I hate to the bones of my body, and they’re in stories too, and movies. They’re everywhere. Supposedly, they’re romantic, but reading them over, I would never want anyone ever … Continue reading

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Rejected Princesses

Recently I stumbled across an intriguing website called Rejectedprincesses.com, which showcases fabulous women from history and mythology who will never be made into Disney Princesses because they are too awesome, too awful, or too awkward. By awkward, I mean women … Continue reading

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Feminism In The Middle East. (Warning: Disturbing Content)

There’s an enormous controversy going on right now regarding the Middle East, and specifically anything Islamic. There’s a rabid fear of terrorism leading to indiscriminate racism which even has a name: Islamophobia. As I’ve already proved with an earlier post, … Continue reading

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Self Esteem Essay

  I’d like to take a small chunk of your time to discuss something very important: The way that our entire culture demeans and puts down the female gender. TV shows, movies, billboards, news stations, books, newspapers, lawyers, doctors, politicians, … Continue reading

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