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How To Make Friends Using Science.

Friends are good things to have around, in general. Humans are social creatures, and we need people to talk to who aren’t related to us and who don’t know far too much about our sleeping habits and how long we … Continue reading

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Search Terms November

These are the things people Googled or Binged in November in order to find my blog. I have no idea what a lot of these have to do with my blog, and a few require some deciphering, but it’s nice … Continue reading

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I am absolutely not going to blog today

Nope. Not gonna happen. I’m not writing a blog. There is no blog. This is an illusion of high deceit. What are you talking about, post? There’s no post. I skipped today. Oh well. How sad. Now, if there were … Continue reading

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The Pants of Shame

The Pants of Shame. WARNING: The above link has a graphic image of ugly pants. You will never be able to unsee this. Not suitable for those of faint heart, weak constitution, or high fashion sense. These are the Pants … Continue reading

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Okay, so I got a couple spam comments and one of them, especially, is hilarious. Keep in mind that this is a comment on my post about muffins. It’s got a muffin recipe in it. It’s for apple muffins. “Once … Continue reading

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