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Obituary for Useless Time Waster

On July 24th, 2014, the Tumblr account i-am-the-fanwarrior was terminated. It will be missed, particularly by the part of my brain that likes to do utterly useless things like scroll through miles of dashboard and posts I’ve seen a million … Continue reading

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FUCKINGRECIPES.TUMBLR.COM **extreme profanity**

There’s a recipe site I’d like to share with you, called FUCKINGRECIPES. It’s recipes, but written by what seems to be a loud, violent Viking who watches a lot of TV. SHE TYPES IN ALL CAPS LIKE THIS AND SAYS … Continue reading

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Slam Poetry

So like, last week or something (I’m homeschooled, my general knowledge of time passing is “It’s probably April”) I discovered this awesomesauce thing called slam poetry. Poetry, in general, tends to bore me. I attempt to nurture an interest in … Continue reading

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